Marks Cleaners has enjoyed long, professional relationships with many of our customers. Our goal is to provide you with an exceptional service—again and again!

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Never, ever have I sent a note to my dry-cleaners. After I received my white blouse back, I truly felt the need to tell you what a fine operation you have at Mark’s Cleaners. I found an old white blouse in my closet with ruffles down the front. Those ruffles are back in style, but the blouse was yellowed and grungy. When I got it back it looked like new! You had also replaced a button on it, which I didn’t even realize was missing. No matter which lady waits on me, she is always friendly, polite and acts as if my clothes are the most important ones in the shop. Thank you for making a part of my life easy, and also getting great results. Keep up the good work, you have a fine operation! Have a wonderful holiday season!

Sharon Daynor


Writing a note is an extreme pleasure as it is also a pleasure to be a customer at Marks Cleaners. I have been going there for over 20 years and in my eyes there is no other cleaners that can touch the outstanding quality, personalities of everyone, service and caring as they do at Marks. In fact they are one of my top 2 businesses in Arizona to deal with as their integrity and caring is evident. Many businesses sure could learn a lot from the excellent way Brion, Deb and the girls run this quality establishment.

All I can say is I always look forward to going there–they make it fun and with the quality of personal service and how they finish the clothes is just unbelievable.

Marks Cleaners–you are the greatest and Thanks–GARY61

Classic Residence

Hi Gail and Samantha,

I wanted to take just a minute to let you know about a recent “happening” with Mark’s Cleaners.

Joy has a white Vest which is a real favorite of hers. It had what appeared to be fairly expensive gold buttons,and two were missing.

I chatted with Brion and he said he would institute a search for the missing buttons. A few days later he said that they had been unsuccessful and that they would go ahead and get a new set of buttons for us. He did so and the Vest now looks almost brand-new.

I thought that you should be aware of this “above and beyond” type of service provided by Mark’s Cleaners.

In addition, we really appreciate the fact that we can leave our red bag with the items to be cleaned with the Valet and then have them magically appear on our front porch two days later.

As I’m sure you have determined by now we are very pleased with the way Mark’s Cleaners conducts their business, and thought we should share these feelings with you.

Ted Johnson and Joy L



Hope you will add this testimonial to your site–you are truly exceptional! My sweater looks fantastic. THANKS!!!  I called on Mark’s Cleaners to help me with a very light pink cashmere sweater with very intricate bead work that was riddled with moth holes. Their work is truly amazing-it would take a magnifying glass to detect that there was ever any damage. No small trick on a dark sweater, but almost impossible to pull off on a color that light!

Brian and his crew were so friendly and helpful. They made an effort to call me with “progress reports” as they worked on it, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.