Mark's-Cleaners-for-tagsUpscale Dry Cleaning:

Unlike other dry cleaners that don’t know what a designer brand name takes just to prepare to clean, at Marks Cleaners we have the knowledge and understanding of materials to make your evening gown or cashmere suit looking and feeling brand new.  Our attention to detail on these Specialty garments are very important to us. Getting it right and satisfying the clients needs equals TRUST and repeat business.

Micro Controlled Wet Cleaning:

For some of our more delicate garments, we will recommend a controlled wet cleaning process with special cleaning agents that are combined with micro controlled times to give you a high quality finished garment.

Wedding Gowns:

Your wedding gown represents an important piece of your own personal history. We understand the importance of proper cleaning, restoration, and preservation of one of your most important treasures.

Once your wedding gown has been treated, we recommend storing it in a controlled climate where it will be protected. Avoid hot, dry attics or damp basements.

Contrary to popular belief, Marks Cleaners understands that once it is preserved, your wedding gown needs to be taken out of the box and aired out every couple of years. We’ll perform this valuable service for you at no extra cost. Your memories are safe in our hands.

Leather and Suede:

Over time, your leather articles become dry and lose their color. With proper cleaning and oiling, your items can stay soft, supple, and looking superb for years to come.

At Marks Cleaners, we understand that leather cleaning requires special training and experience. That’s why we work with two of the best leather cleaners in the country… one in Kansas and one in California.

What that means to you is your leather articles will be taken care of by trained professionals using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques.

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  • Purses
  • REMYs