SWEATERS, St John Knits, Missoni, Escada, Gucci, Hermes, Ralph Lauren…

We  take measurements BEFORE the garment goes through the Process. Then take measurements AFTER our process and block the garment back to the original Measurements.
Pre-spot your garment before the dry clean and or wet clean process.

Deodorize your garment so there aren’t any lingering smells. Did you know that there should be NO ODER after you have your fine garments Dry Cleaned ?
We take the time to use our Deodorize Cycle.
We recommend your sweater be packaged in a sweater bag. You can also have it folded over a hanger.


  • Hand-inspection of each garment
  • Meticulous spot cleaning on all garments with the appropriate techniques and solvents
  • Hand finished garments